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What Cleaning Products Should You Use In Your Dining Room
13 March 2014
What Cleaning Products Should You Use In Your Dining Room

It’s important that you do everything that you can to keep your dining room clean and tidy. There are lots of different cleaning products that you might need for your dining room depending on what sort of furniture you have, what decorations you’ve used and what sort of carpeting you have installed. This guide is here to help make sure that you have all of the basic cleaning products that you need to keep your dining room in shape, so why not read on to find out more?

1)    Antibacterial sprays.

Antibacterial sprays can be used in practically every room in your home, and your dining room is no exception. Use yours to clean down your windowsills, storage cupboards and table as long as they’re not made of real wood! Antibacterial sprays are great to wipe up spills over dinner, and they can make the cleaning process both fast and easy.

2)    Antibacterial wipes.

Keep a box of antibacterial wipes in your dining room to deal with messes after dinner. You can get rid of stray bits of food and spills with this one easy product, but make sure that you don’t use antibacterial wipes on real wooden furniture as this can tarnish it!

3)    Steam cleaner.

A steam cleaner is a great way to keep your dining room clean. Use it to sanitise and kill germs in your rugs, carpets and curtains to keep your dining room smelling fresh and clean. If you use a steam cleaner in your dining room on a regular basis them you’ll avoid having to deal with musty smells as well, so it’s a product that definitely worth investing in!

4)    Room deodoriser.

If you don’t use your dining room on a regular basis then it can become musty smelling. Nobody wants this in their home, so try using a room deodoriser. For a soft and subtle scent keep a scented drawer sachet on top of your radiators to gently fill the room with a light scent, or instead try using a deodorising spray on a regular basis to remove unwanted scents. Try to avoid strong-smelling air fresheners as these can be very dense for your dining room and remember to air the room out on a regular basis.

5)    Glass cleaner.

Whether you have mirrors, glass furniture or just plain old glass windows in there, your dining room definitely needs to have a regular once-over with glass cleaners. You’ll see the best results if you use scrunched up paper as opposed to a cleaning cloth, so why not try this next time you’re cleaning your dining room?

6)    Duster.

Your dining room can become very dusty over time, especially if it isn’t used on a regular basis. Use a long or extendable duster to reach into high corners and to make sure that your light fittings are free from dust. You can use a vacuum with an attachment for this, although this can make the job awkward and long-winded – especially if you’re trying to balance on a chair with a vacuum in your hand!

7)    Polish.

Polish is a must-have item if you want a cleaner dining room. Polish will help to keep your real wooden furniture looking as good as new. Use a soft cloth and don’t over saturate it with product, as this can damage your furniture.

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