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Use Our End Of Lease Cleaning Advice To Make The Cleaning Process Go By Easily
21 November 2014
Use Our End Of Lease Cleaning Advice To Make The Cleaning Process Go By Easily If the lease on your rented accommodation is coming to an end and you find yourself struggling to keep up with everything that’s going on, step back and take stock of the situation. Plan thoroughly, make a list and plough through your tasks one by one, so that your rooms are in immaculate condition when it comes to handing over the keys. Don’t give your landlord any reasons to withhold your deposit, so get on with your domestic cleaning and get your house clean so that you can get on with the important things in life. So if you’re coming to the end of your lease agreement use our top home cleaning tips to get your deposit back and to make the transition out of your accommodation go as smooth as possible. •    Cleaning every room in the house is no easy task. So take the chilled out approach to your cleaning and do little and often and before you know it, you’ll have your house spick and span. But don’t leave it too late, because you’ll need to leave yourself time to sort out any damages if required.•    The kitchen can be the hardest, most dirtiest room to clean, but should be one of the last jobs you decide to take on. Although you may clean the surfaces of your kitchen after every meal, oil, grease and left over bits of food will still find its way in all those nooks and  crannies, making them difficult to notice. Firstly, empty all the cupboards, oven and dishwasher and pull out any kitchen appliances and give these a good clean using washing up liquid and some warm water. Scrub using a coarse brush or the back of a washing sponge; don’t be worried about damaging anything as this will be necessary to remove tough spots and grease stains. Don’t forget to do some oven cleaning and give the inside of your microwave a good clean, ensuring that they are spotless when finished with them. Lastly, clean the inside of your fridge using the same techniques, although its best to do this as close to the date of the inventory check as  possible.•    Curtains, blinds and sofa coverings can be put into the washing machine, but ensure you check the labels first to make sure they’re machine washable. If not, take them to the dry cleaners, which you can also use to clean any other fabrics and materials in your house. •    Dusting and polishing will give a fantastic finish to the interior of your house and will let your landlord know that you have gone the extra mile to ensuring that you get your deposit back.  Use an extendable duster to get all those hard to reach places  and polish to give surfaces a fantastic and noticeable shine. •    Check the walls in all of your rooms to ensure that there are no marks and scrapes of paint. Walls also attract dust and dirt which is even more noticeable if painted white. Simply use a damp microfiber cloth and gently wipe down your walls; do as much as possible before seeing if you need to do any additional work. Spots and scuffs on walls can be sorted out with  a lick of paint. Although this may seem like a lot of extra work, you don’t want to leave and then be footed with a bill for decoration so this will definitely reduce the cost for you in the long term. •    Lastly, vacuum or steam clean all of your floor surfaces, getting rid of any dirt left over from the rest of your cleaning jobs.

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