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Patio Cleaning Made Easy
08 July 2015
Patio Cleaning Made Easy

The patio is a great place to relax and enjoy after a day at work. As soon as the warmer days arrive it is a good idea to start preparing your outdoors area so you can enjoy the time outdoors. One of the biggest jobs is cleaning. For most people the patio is neglected throughout the winter and left. During the course of the winter the varying weather conditions will cause a buildup of dirt and even damage. Frost can cause damage to paved patios and cause cracks, or cause the varnish on decked areas to flake away. Here we help give you suggestions to help make your patio look clean for you to use during the summer months.

Cleaning and tidying tips
The first step with patio cleaning is to remove furniture or children’s toys. As you move your garden furniture make sure it has weathered well during the colder months and still in good shape. Sometimes it just needs to be cleaned. If there is some damage consider touching up with repainting or fixing any damage. You don’t necessary have to go and buy new there are many easy solutions to fixing up what you have.

When you have a clear area the next stage is to consider how you are going to do the clean up job. You will need some good tools for the job and one of the first cleaning jobs is the sweeping. Get a good strong broom and thoroughly sweep the entire patio area, you will come across various rubbish such as leaves, soil, mud and dead flowers and often it get stuck in cracks and crevices. If there are any weeds then pull up as you go along. If the weeds are too bad consider using a weed killer which can be bought from good DIY stores. Use a shovel to collect the rubbish and place it in special gardening disposal bas or bins that can be recycled ion the correct manner. If you have a compost heap then you can put it towards creating this.

Depending on the size of the outdoor plot it can take time to clean the area so allow a few days. You are going to have to investigate how dirty the paved area is. If you have kept up with the cleaning service yearly it is likely to be in reasonable condition. Sometimes you may only need a hard brush and a bucket of soapy water along with a good scrub to get it looking good. There are also some various chemicals that can help get rid of dirt that can form on stones and patios, which can be bought from DIY stores.

Make sure you have the proper tools for the job. A pressure washer is a good investment and will do the trick. It is a messy job especially if you have a patio that has been neglected for some time. Or maybe you have just moved house and need to revive what you have. A pressure washer will do the job, but make sure you are wearing protective clothing and foot wear. You will also need to cover up as these machines can cause a lot of dirt to spray up exterior walls and windows so prepare and cover with plastic sheets ahead of using the washer.

Do the cleaning in stages and you will soon notice the instant cleanliness. After you have finished leave the patio to dry and then sweep again. You may need to pressure wash again if in a bad state but if not you should notice how clean it is and be able to place your furniture and pots back in position.

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