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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
09 December 2013
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

If you are concerned about the planet and its rising temperatures then you should think as much as you can about how you can help. It is an issue of attitude, rather than anything else, as humans have developed a way of living that ignores the obvious problems in front of them for the sake of ease and living happily without worrying. This is a shortsighted disease that many seem to be afflicted by, so how will you change the way in which you live your life to help to save the environment? You will no doubt understand that driving your car is bad, and that you need to recycle, but the cleaning may not have really cropped on your eco warrior radar. It is in fact a situation where people regularly commit environmental assaults, meaning that the things that you use to clean your house, and the way that you dispose of things, often contributes to global warming and landfill issues just as much as any of the more talked about issues that contribute to the demise of the planet. If you can take a second to look at the ways in which you are dealing with the cleaning, then you are much more likely to be able to tackle it all head on, and remove the concerning articles form your processes.

First off, what kinds of chemicals do you have lurking in your cupboards? It only takes one look at the back of a bottle of bleach to know that it is full of harmful chemicals. The same goes for many household cleaners, and you will often find that the cleaners are more harmful than the dirt that you are using them to get rid of! Children are especially susceptible to these chemicals, so do what you can to get rid of them safely, but calling the toxic waste team from your local council. If you can, look into eco-cleaning products that use mineral and plant extracts as their cleaning agents, and use recycled plastics in their bottles. You will no doubt want to be sure that you can refill these bottles, so that you can keep them rather than having to chuck them out.

If these cleaning products are too expensive for you, and they can be very pricy, then you may well want to look at how you can utilize natural cleaners like lemon, vinegar and baking soda to help clean without using harsh chemicals. These products have natural properties that help clean, through acidity or carbonation. Combined with water or even olive oil and cheap cola, they form a range of different cleaners that can be used around the house. Have a look on line for some great cleaning recipes!

If you are using disposable cloths and sponges, then why not try using flannels that you can wash? They will last a lot longer, and will do the same job, so you are saving the landfill sites of the world one wash at a time, rather than chucking more dirty plastics on it! If you want to save even more cash whilst doing good work, make flannels and cloths out of old clothes that would have been thrown away. You will be able to make rags that fit your needs, and they will last a lot longer than J-cloths or disposable sponges!

Saving the planet may not be your responsibility, but if you make a change in your life that sees you helping the earth, then perhaps others will, and collective effort is the only way that anything will change.