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Different Ways To Clean Your Carpets
14 February 2014
Different Ways To Clean Your Carpets

If you are the kind of person who loves having carpeted flooring throughout their house, then you will be someone who enjoys their house to be cozy and comfortable. Carpets are extremely nice on the feet, and keep the room insulated and warm, far from the harsh coolness of hard flooring. However, with the luxury of carpets comes a new issue - they are a lot harder to clean! You will no doubt find that stains and marks that happen to the carpet are left a lot longer than they would be on a shiny surface, and it is simply because the fibers soak up the mess so quickly, that there is very little that you can do about it! All of these marks contribute to making the overall appearance of a carpet extremely grubby, which is not something that anyone wants in their home! So, if you feel like regular vacuum cleaning is not really enough, then perhaps it is time to have a think about the different ways in which you could be getting your carpets cleaned properly.

First off, the most common form of carpet cleaning. Carpet shampoo is popular in the sense that people can do it themselves. The can of foam is sprayed across the stain or the whole carpet, and then scrubbed in with a brush. When you are doing this, be careful not to attack the pile with too stiff a brush, as it can rip the base layer, leaving you with a significantly worse problem on your hands! Once the foam is scrubbed in, it will be left to dry and the residue can be vacuumed up. The combination of scrubbing and the soap in the foam will lift off and suspend the dirt in the foam, trapping it for when it is vacuumed up later. The issue with this is that some of the residue can remain a little sticky, settling in the pile, and making the carpet more susceptible to dirt in the long run. Hence, it is not a particularly sustainable solution!

Having your carpets ‘steam cleaned’ is quite a large undertaking in itself, as it requires a large piece of specialist machinery. You will find that there is a lot to be said for steam cleaning, as it is a particularly rigorous process, that deals with high heat and high pressure. It does not actually involve any steam, but extremely hot water, which is close enough. The hot water is fired into the carpet by the machine, whilst being simultaneously sucked out, which creates a virulent cleaning action. The dirt is pulled from the fibers by the pressure as well as the extreme heat, and then sucked out by the machine. This method is very effective, but if there is even the slightest problem with the machine, then there may be a little too much water left in the carpet, which can lead to damp and mould problems.

Having your carpets dry cleaned seems to be the perfect combination of the other two methods. You still have a professional who delivers a high level of cleaning power, but you don’t have to worry about anything being left in your carpet afterwards. The dry cleaning process involves a compound that attracts dirt to it. The residue is not as sticky as the carpet shampoo, so when it is removed, it will be gone, with the dirt, forever! If you can afford it, dry cleaning seems to be the best option by far, for a long lasting professional clean!

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